The Immersive Cocktail Series

Experience London's first Immersive Cocktail Series following the legend of Clyde Cassidy, a moonshine distiller, notorious liquor smuggler and lifelong inmate of Alcotraz. 

Bring your own liquor to Moonshine Saloon (1904) and experience life as an Outlaw as you help Clyde Cassidy grow his illegal Moonshine Empire! In this multi-room experience, step off the streets of London and onto the streets of Coldwater in the Old West, visiting the towns local Tailors, General Store and of course its Saloon, in which Clyde will have the Barkeeps mix up some delicious cocktails for you and your fellow outlaws and see whether you have the goods to join his gang! For those lucky enough you may catch a glimpse of Clyde Cassidy’s infamous Moonshine Distillery. You never know who will pay a visit to the Saloon so if the Sheriff is in town be sure to keep your involvement in the Empire quiet. He has recently had a tip off about an illegal Moonshine Empire and has his suspicions...

Following the tragic incidents that took place at Moonshine Saloon, Clyde Cassidy went on to become America's Most Wanted Liquor Smuggler and eventually got caught by the Law and sentenced to Alcotraz (1934). However, a Leopard cannot change its spots so its no surprise that Clyde Cassidy has developed a covert smuggling operation behind bars. 

Under instructions from Clyde Cassidy, guests convicted to Alcotraz must smuggle their liquor under the nose of the Warden and get it into the hands of Clyde's most trusted "serving" inmates in order to enjoy personalised cocktails to make their sentence that much more bearable. This experiential drinking experience takes guests, or more appropriately, inmates to an exciting world of mischief, as they smuggle-in liquor to be used to make delicious, bespoke cocktails. All convicted criminals, dressed in their orange prison jumpsuits, get their inmate numbers upon arrival, before experiencing the bar behind bars, learning the secret codes from Clyde Cassidy of smuggling alcohol past prison security. Once inside, guests are able to sit either in cells or at the visitation area and enjoy bespoke, personalised cocktails made by an expert mixologist, and served in discreet containers to avoid getting caught by the Warden. 

The Immersive Cocktail Series aims to bring something completely new to a bar environment, allowing for guests to experience something across London, across time periods all whilst enjoying drinks crafted without rules and menus to follow, from highly experimental mixologists.

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